Monday, January 21, 2019

PRAY FOR ISWARYA, who turned 13 today. If you've followed the blog, you may have noticed she's the 4th HOPE child to have a birthday in the last 5 days. Iswarya (whose name means wealth, riches or prosperity, depending on which web page you're getting the meaning from) is a talented girl, doing most everything she does with a full heart. Perhaps more than any other HOPE child, she is unashamed to sing for the Lord. From the time she was very small (she came to HOPE in 2012), she has sang with all her heart. We are very thankful for Iswarya, now studying in the 6th grade. Pray she will continue on the path of loving our Lord with all her heart, desiring to make Him known to a lost and needy world around her.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Pray for Precious Hepsiba, who turned 11 today. Hepsiba has been in HOPE since 2016, now studying in the 4th grade. A sweet girl, sensitive to rejection and sadness. Probably still needs some healing in her heart. Many children struggle for years to understand why their parent or relatives have put them in another home. Had many little aches and swelling in her body the first couple of years, but doing much better now. Loves to sing to the Lord. The below photo is when the HOPE School had its Christmas function.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

HOPE's SUNIL seems to be enjoying his time with this tiger. The HOPE children went to a park recently, the compound walls covered with paintings of wildlife. The children wanted MANY photos taken of them with the animals, birds, etc. 
PRAY FOR SUNIL, who turned 17 yesterday. He's the oldest boy in the boys home, now studying in a vocational school, learning diesel mechanics.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Pray for HOPE's Sudha Rani (bigger girl in photo), who turned 13 today the 17th. She's a nice girl, in HOPE since she was 4 years old. Very talented, with leadership qualities. Pray for her, that her energy and enthusiasm will be channeled into a life of love and service to our Savior and King. She's now in the 8th grade.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"You have been a Defense for the helpless..." Isaiah 25:4
I don't know what gets you excited in life, but one of the most exciting things in life is having a part in His amazing love for the poor and downtrodden. Lord willing, we should be soon starting a new little home for the widow staying in this shanty, Sugunamma, in the village of Bangarakkapalem.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

PLEASE JOIN WITH US IN PRAYER. We very much need new donors to take the place of a number of donors who have dropped off over the last year or so. Some have chosen not to continue on with their monthly giving when we had to make a changeover of our donation page within the RHM website (or maybe they will do later, we don't know). And we also have some who have given more in the past, but are not currently able, or they feel the Lord leading them in a different direction in regard to their giving. 

All that is fine. We trust the Lord for all things. But bottom line is that faith alone will not put food on a child's plate. The widows ministry is currently well funded. The believers we're connected with in a more persecuted area of India, they also are doing okay, although we would like to help them more. It's the HOPE ministry which could be affected by a shortage of funds. Thankfully, we had some extra funds come in at the end of the year, but realistically, those funds get swallowed up pretty quickly when there's much more going out than what's coming in. There is also a real need for more Godly staff to work with the children, people who have a love for children and burden to serve them, and whom the children can bond with and see JESUS in their lives.

Pray that the Lord will help us to hear His Voice in regard to this matter, and in His mercy will provide the new donors and increased donations needed to keep this ministry functioning for the glory of our precious Lord.

"My soul, wait in silence for GOD only, for my hope is from Him."
                                                                                   Psalms 62:5
New children brought into HOPE around 2015. Because of the
shortage of funds and extra staff needs, new children have not come
 into HOPE since 2016. Thanks for your prayers!

The GOD Who Answers Prayer

Click onto the above link to see a nice devotional about the power & blessing of prayer, and the One Who answers!