Wednesday, November 14, 2018

For the first time visiting the famous city of Kolkata, previously called Calcutta, where Mother Teresa did much of her ministry years ago. Checking out a ministry here. Need the Lord's discernment, what if anything He's wanting us to connect with here. There's definitely a potential to help widows, and perhaps poor children in the future. Let His will only be done. 
The main "god" (actually a goddess) here in Kolkata is Kali, on the
left standing upon Siva, another mythical god. Not sure why she's
standing or dancing upon him, but I'm sure the whole story,
considering the fact that millions actually believe these things,
brings Satan much delight.

Cute little girl who is part of a small school in a slum area here
in Kolkata. All the children are from non-Christian backgrounds,
learning about our Lord in the school and in Sunday School.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Click on This Link to open up the November Update, full of photos and captions to better equip you with knowledge about what's happening via RHM.
Church in the village of Jampalavaripalem in India

Thursday, November 8, 2018

It's difficult to know sometimes if we should get angry or feel disgusted by the lack of compassion for their parents or grandparents, or say "Praise GOD" that this precious widow at least has something to keep her halfway dry, which is better than what many people have in this cruel world. 
   This is Sugunamma, a widow in the village of Bangarakkapalem in India, whom we have the blessing of assisting. Her oldest son lives in the house, built with the help of the government. He made this stick & tarp shanty for his mother to stay in. She needs the help of that walker to get around.
   Pray for her, and pray for us; if the Lord gives us a way to help her to where what we give is not stolen away, then that may be a possibility.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Please pray for HOPE's Yesubabu, who turned 13 yesterday, the 4th. He came to HOPE at 3 years old. The father is unknown, and his mother has passed away. He's a nice boy, now studying in the 7th grade. He's very good at sports, and has a helping nature. Pray for his future, especially for his spiritual life.
Below: Yesubabu (right) with other HOPE boys at a local "cool drink" shop. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Open the above youtube link to see a group of pastors praising the Lord. We've been a part of these pastors' meetings for years, RHM being the channel of funds for the sponsor who's been encouraging these meetings. The main benefits of these meetings has been supplying the pastors/ministers with materials, and also giving much encouragement to those who are doing ministry in tough places of India.
   Pray for the pastors, as the support for these meetings is coming to an end after December. Pray they will continue to find the fellowship and materials they need to do their ministries well.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Happy to Give Blankets to Widows and Elderly!
Thankful for the blessing of going with Brother Prasanth earlier this week to distribute blankets to the widows/elderly in his area of southeast India. 
After giving their monthly funds, a blanket was also given to all the widows & elderly
in Prasanth's area (71 at this time). These elderly believers are from Chinthayapalem.
Narsamma (woman on far left) is one of many members who are nearly deaf; the
man on the left, Prasad, is about 90% blind. 

Widows and elderly from the 2 villages which make up Kondu Botlavaripalem.
The man toward the front, Subba Rao (50 to 55), has never been married, and is
partially mentally handicapped and not able to work enough to support himself. 

Widows and elderly from the villages around Karlapalem. All are widows except
3 (one has a husband who's mostly blind; one abandoned by her husband, the
other sent out of the home because she came to Christ).

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pray for sweet Mary, who turned 13 today. She's been in HOPE since she was 3 years old, now studying in the 7th grade. She was so happy today, as we spent some time to celebrate her birthday. She's a good girl, partly because she TRIES to be a good girl, but also because she has a heart that wants more of Christ in her life. Below Mary's on the left, Sravanthi on the right. Thanks for your prayers!